About The Cupcake ZOO

The Cupcake Zoo is a Specialty Dessert Bakery that began as a Web Based Company in 2011.From there, with lots of love and care The Cupcake Zoo grew leaps and bounds gaining a very well known and reliable name in the Large Event and Wedding Catering Industry as well as two physical Walk In Bakery Locations.

While Kalamazoo is quickly becoming known for a variety of eclectic food and dessert destinations at The Cupcake Zoo we have always strove to stand out for making unique pastries using only the finest quality ingredients available while offering an ever changing variety of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake Pops, Cinnamon Rolls and more to not only our regular customers but also our beloved customers suffering from mild to severe food allergies that would otherwise prevent them from enjoying these nostalgic childhood treats. After years of hard work and testing our Allergen Free Dessert Program was quickly becoming one of the most well known, cross contamination safe in the Kalamazoo area.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a childs face light up at the sight of a bakery case full of sweet treats made just for him or her! There are no words to express how amazing it feels when a bride and groom thank you in tears for making their special day something they will never forget. Being a part of this bakery, gaining so many fiercely loyal customers and ultimately lifelong friends has filled me with more joy than I could ever successfully put into words.

“Food is a language of care, the thing we do when traditional language fails us, when we don’t know what to say, when there are no words to say!” – Shawna Niequist


Our recipe arsenal includes over 75 of our tried and true beloved Cupcake Zoo crazy and classic recipes that our customers have grown to love throughout our years in business. Each of our Cupcake Zoo recipes have been thoroughly tested by our experienced bakers with the flexibility to be made in small or very large batches. Below is a sneak peak into our recipe books……

Regular Cupcake Recipes: Chocolate Chocolate, Red Velvet, 24 Carrot, Vanilla Vanilla, 24 Carrot, Pumpkin, Brew Cakes and More…

Specialty Cookies: Snickerdoodle, Classic Chocolate Chip, Fruity Pebble Marshmallow Crunch, Chocolate Chip Candied Bacon, Frosted Almond Sugar and More…..

Other Sweets: Cake Pops, Vanilla Bean Honey Caramel, Cupcake Zoo Cream Cheese Frosting, Maple Cinnamon Roll Icing, Pecan Sticky Buns, and More…

Allergen Free Desserts: Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes, Vanilla Bean Frosting, Semi Sweet Chocolate Ganache, Cinnamon Rolls, Peppermint Patties and more!

The Cupcake Zoo recipe arsenals would also include access to a variety of Specialty, Walk In, and Holiday Menus that kept our customers on the edge of their seats such as our Harry Potter Walk In Menu, our infamous, Ben & Jerry’s, Halloween and more!

Media and Advertising

Website – The domain name and a fully functioning responsive website with easy to update menus and great search engine results. The website offers a back-end admin that allows all pages to be edited and new pages added or removed. Website changes, updates and operational instructions can also be negotiated with the buyer. Photographs of product will also be provided with the website.

Social Media – The Cupcake Zoo Brand has evolved over the years in large part due to our strong social media presence. While we use many Social Media outlets Facebook has always been our largest advertising source. With 12,000 plus Fans our loyal customers help us spread our sweet news while maximizing our advertising dollars. On average our paid posts can reach up to 60,000 people for an average of $50 to $60. In today’s fast paced world, this type of networking is essential for your growing business. This monster has already been built for you. All you have to do is learn how to maintain it! Our amazing Facebook page would be transferred to you along with a storage of hundreds of photos. We also utilize Twitter for our weekly menus and announcements as well as Instagram and new to us, Kzoo To You! Kzoo To You is a Text Message Advertising system alerting customers of your companies happenings immediately as they happen all through text message. This system also allows you to offer your customers rewards for returning to your establishment.

Building Signage – Please note that the Kalamazoo sign is a $1500 value. Also include a full inventory of sandwich boards, chalkboard menus, electronic open signs, and a hanging pre lit message board with a variety of numbers and letters.

Location: The package DOES NOT INCLUDE either location. The downtown Cupcake Zoo location can be negotiated with the building owner, however this was strictly a retail facility and did not allow for baking or large production. The Otsego baking facility will be listed within a month and is a 2500 sq ft building with 800 sq ft kitchen space. For more information on the building, please contact Chris at

Business Relocation Recommendation from the owner: Our very first retail location was our baking facility in Otsego, MI. This location was large and always served us well as we were able to handle all aspects of regular dessert production, large event catering and handle our allergen free production without fear of cross contamination issues. Over time we knew we had to expand our client base and reach more customers. We decided to open a retail only Walk In Bakery in downtown Kalamazoo. This decision proved to be just what The Cupcake Zoo needed to connect with our many customers that it seemed had been waiting for us there. After operating both locations for almost one year I was able to assess from a profit and loss standpoint that operating out of one sole location would certainly allow for a better profit margin for the future owner and operator. The Cupcake Zoos largest customer base is in the greater Kalamazoo area. It is my recommendation that the future bakery owner rent, lease to own or purchase one sole baking facility for Walk In Retail Sales or a Cafe style establishment where you can both handle production and sales to control your payroll, product, utility and overall operational costs. Both of our locations were licensed as Walk-In retail only facilities, we did not offer a sit down cafe style service.


Included Equipment

  • Cupcake Zoo Delivery Vehicle (fully decaled Van) 2006 Chevy Uplander/130,000 miles
  • 2 – DCS Commercial Convection Ovens (these units easily stack on top of each other to utilize one hood system)
  • 2 – 6′ x 24″ Stainless Steel Tables
  • 4 – 6′ x 30″ Stainless Steel Tables
  • 2 – 8′ x 30″ Stainless Steel Tables
  • 2 – 8′ Glass Bakery Cases (5 display levels including the floor level, beautiful lighting, not temperature controlled)
  • 1 – Master-Bilt BLG-48HD 2 Glass Door Merchandiser Freezer 52″ – 49 Cu. Ft.
  • 1 – Master Bilt BMG-48 2 Glass Door Refrigerated Merchandiser – 49 Cu. Ft.
  • 1 – True Stainless Steel Double Door Freezer 42.8 Cu Ft
  • 1 – Hobart 80 Quart Mixer (includes all accessories and attachments) Silver
  • 1 – Anvil Brand 20 Quart Mixer (includes all accessories and attachments) Silver
  • 1 – Additional 20 Quart Mixer (includes all accessories and attachments) White
  • 2 – Kitchen Aid 5 Quart Mixer (includes all accessories and attachments) Silver and White
  • 1 – 6 Quart Red Kitchen Aid Mixer (includes all accessories and attachments)
  • 1 – 36″ x 28″ Stainless Steel Mixer Table
  • 2 – Square Cupcake Tower – 4 tier with Professional Carrying Bag
  • 2 – Round Cupcake Tower – 4 tier with Professional Carrying Bag
  • 4 – Regular Induction Burners
  • 2 – Induction Burner Sauce Pots with Lids
  • 2 – Large 20 Quart Pots and 2 medium 8 Quart Pots!
  • 1 – Full Size Ice Machine
  • 120 – Large Cupcake Storage Bins with Lids (holds 54 regular size cupcakes) For freezer and transport storage. Dimensions: 26x18x3.5
  • Full inventory of Regular 12 and 24 Cavity Cupcake Pans
  • Full inventory of Mini 24 Cavity Cupcake Pans
  • 30+ – Large Sheet Pans
  • 10+ – Medium Sheet Pans
  • 50 – Storage Containers with lids (Cambro Brand) – 2qt to 18qt
  • 6 – Wheeled Aluminum Storage/Cooling Racks
  • 7 – Epoxy Chrome 3 level Wire Shelving Units (humidity and cold temp. resistant)
  • 3 – Large Dry Ingredient Storage Bins on wheels (Labeled for: Flour/Sugar and Cocoa)
  • 1 – Computer, Printer and Desk
  • 1 – Cash Register
  • 1 – Deposit Drop Safe
  • Cupcake Zoo Labeling Stamp with ink pads
  • 3 – Cordless Pnones with Voice Mail Systems. These phones have transferring capabilities.
  • Menus,Chalkboard,and Easel inventory
  • Full inventory of Utencils, Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (all sizes) and Baking Tools and Cake Supplies
  • All Remaining Packaging Inventory. Includes: Plastic cupcake packaging in all sizes, Brown Box packaging in all sizes, bags in all sizes, Small Cake Pedistals, and more!
  • All remaining Decoration and Baking Supply Inventory. This includes all remaining dry storage ingredients, cupcake toppings, fillings, allergen Free ingredients and more!
  • Canney’s Water System Base with hot and cold option
  • Full inventory of pastry bags and pastry tips for cupcake decorating

Why Are We Selling?

Many of you have asked or may still be wondering, why close such a wonderful bakery? This decision did not come lightly I can assure you! I thought it would be best to share with you the letter that I shared with our cherished friends and customers when we announced our closing…

Letter to our Customers

If someone had asked me when I started my business to paint a picture of where we would be right now in this moment, I never would have dreamed this reality to be possible. It is with more gratitude than I could ever put into words and an equal amount of sadness that I let all of our amazing customers, friends and family know today that December 31st 2014 will be our last day behind the counters and ovens for The Cupcake Zoo.

To say it has been an honor is an understatement. Many of our longtime customers know this story well but for those that may not be aware, starting this business helped pull me out of the most difficult battle of my life. A cancer battle that I won. I made a decision when my health returned that this was what I wanted to do with my life. Inch by inch, with the help of so many amazing people we are here today. What I didn’t realize while I was climbing those stairs to my goal was the sacrifices you must make and the impact it would have on my family and small children. I can’t put into words how much I will miss the smiles on my customers faces, the daily conversations with my amazing work family which I have grown to love as much as my own, the weekly chats and hellos from our regular customers, I could go on and on. The memories I’ve gained over these years are something I will hold onto forever. I appreciate each and everyone of you, whether you stopped by one time or made it a weekly indulgence, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I am excited for the next chapter of my life to begin. I’m looking forward to becoming the best mom that I can be while my kiddos are still young and need me the most.

Please know that for the remainder of the month while our doors remain open we intend to rock these menus and bring you the best of the best from our Cupcake Zoo arsenals one last time. We hope that you will join us in the next few weeks even if it’s just to say thank you. Without you after all there would have never been a Cupcake Zoo : )

Thank you for some of the most amazing years of my life! – Lindsey